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Regional Bridge Mates


Engagement with clubs – Focus areas might include:

  • Weekly/fortnightly/monthly emails and phone calls to check progress/encourage
  • Considering current club venue and suitability and researching alternatives
  • Organising working bee to spruce up clubrooms/outside areas
  • Organising internet connection/use of hotspot at the club
  • Writing articles for the local paper to raise the profile of the club and attract new members, especially to
  • Delivering lessons to kick-start new members
  • Acting as an aide to a teacher to cover admin to kick-start new members
  • Introducing name badges
  • Facilitating the set-up of a new club website
  • Being Judge of photo competition for new website
  • Contributing articles to website
  • Facilitating setting up group email of all members for club use
  • Facilitating setting up group text for beginners for lessons
  • Assisting with grant applications
  • Facilitating the introduction of technology to support the game, eg. Dealing machines/electronic
  • Guidance on playing schedule to ensure new players’ needs are met
  • Overseeing marketing of club for lessons, including assistance with flyer design/
    newspaper/radio advertisement content/driving membership to bring a new person
  • Assisting setting up buddy programme for beginners
  • Provide templates for monthly Novice newsletter to beginners
  • Buddy liaison
  • Club liaison – sharing resources/enabling collaborative working between neighbouring clubs

Engagement with Region – might include:

  • Driving B tournaments to increase participation (250 annually – 1 per week per RBDO)
  • Helping set up and run Mini Moos style regional events to encourage novices
  • Helping promote junior and intermediate leagues run through regions
  • Helping promote regional events eg Regional Conference, rubber bridge competition
  • Co-ordinate and promote improver lessons
  • Organisation co-ordinated lesson/radio advertising campaign
  • Bringing unaffiliated clubs to NZB

RBMs are independent contractors to NZB. They are directly line managed by NZB (not Regions).  

They engage with 2 to 3 clubs each year in their Region. Their club work ranges from a complete makeover to undertaking a specific project a club wants driving. RBMs are available to work alongside all affiliated clubs in NZ. Clubs are invited annually to register for RBM support.

They also work on at least one regional project each year. Regional Committees are invited annually
to advise NZB of projects they would like advanced.

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