2020 IPs

The 2020 event will be held at the Wellington Bridge Club on the 21st to 23rd November. 

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2020 Inter-Provincial Teams

Auckland- Northland   Auckland- Northland
GeO Tislevoll – Nick Jacob   Barbara Imlach – Annette Martin
Tom Jacob – Michael Ware   Andrew Durrans – Linda Phillips

Waikato Bays   Waikato Bays
Jenny Millington – Barry Jones   Leanne Curry – Megan Jolly
Liz Fisher – Blair Fisher   Jan Gyenge – Stacey Hilton

Central Districts   Central Districts
Wayne Burrows – George Masters   Yvonne Janes – Ron Janes
Mairi Bristow – Matthew Bristow   Shirley Humphrey – Mandy Jones

Wellington   Wellington
Karl Hayes – Nigel Kearney   Martyn Rew – Andrew Cushnie
Anthony Ker - Alan Grant   Simon Louisson – Jeremy Morley

Top of The South   Top of The South
Adrian Abraham – Tony Oberdries   Kerry Roberts – Gill Webby
Barbara Fechney – Chris Marshall   Tom Pyatt – Peter Bone

Canterbury   Canterbury
Tim Schumacher – David Skipper   Cath Preen – Anne Marie Pavletich
Shirley Newton - Jenny Wilkinson   Tony Quinlivan – Stuart Grant

Otago-Southland   Otago-Southland
Brad Johnston – Sam Coutts   Jo Smith – Jeff Elton
Moss Wylie – Anne Somerville   Sandy Buzzard – Jen White

Auckland- Northland   Auckland- Northland
Andi Boughey - Carol Richardson   Eileen Horsman – Bob Grover
Linda Cartner - Glenis Palmer   Grant Jarvis – Malcolm Mayer

Waikato Bays   Waikato Bays
Kate Terry - Karen Martelletti   Yuzhong Chen – Noel Grigg
Christine - Jenna Gibbons   Rachelle Pelkman - Murray Wood

Central Districts   Central Districts
Sarah Green - Lyn Muller   Bob Hurley - Evelyn Hurley
Pamela Livingston – Sandra Calvert   Jan Whyte - Ken Bateman

Wellington   Wellington
Annette Henry - Anne-Marie Russell   Johnny Davidson – John Luoni
Mindy Wu - Sandra Coleman   Pat D'Arcy - Peter Benham

Top of The South   Top of The South
Kathryn Brookes – Pam Dravitzki   Maurice Carter – Jim Jessep
Jana Bott – Rebecca Osborne   Steve Gray – Lindsey Guy

Canterbury   Canterbury
Jane Lennon – Pam Tibble   Jane Skipper – John Skipper
Pavla Fenwick – Sarah Garland   Paula Gregory - Michael Johnstone

Otago-Southland   Otago-Southland
Frances Sheehy – Ann Wood   Graeme Stout – Jeff Miller
Kristen Collins - Donna Ruwhiu                               Philip Hensman – Hamish Ryan


Chef de Missions
Auckland-Northland Douglas Russell
Waikato-Bays Karen Martelletti
Central Districts Colin Carryer
Wellington Lynda Rigler
Top of The South Ed Roggeveen
Canterbury Kris Wooles
Otago-Southland Phillip Noye


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