Security Improvements, Access Code & Mail Communication Preview

Dan Gifford Rubber Bridge

1996 Dot Hasted and Marjorie Thomas Central Districts
1997 John Wignall and Roy Kerr Canterbury
1998 Ray Crowe and Sandra Russell Otago/Southland
1999 John Hay and John Wignall Canterbury
2000 John Hay and John Wignall Canterbury
2001 Alan Grant and Kirsten Gardner Wellington
2002 Rod Dravitzki and Charles Ker Wellington
2003 Jenny Wilkinson and Shirley Newton Canterbury
2004 Claire Woodhall and Noel Woodhall Central districts
2005 Mairi Bristow and Matthew Bristow Central districts
2006 John Hay and John Wignall Canterbury
2007 Kate Davies and John Patterson Canterbury
2008 Jan Whyte and Ken Bateman Central districts
2009 Susan Humphries and Denis Humphries Auckland
2010 Arleen Schwartz and Graeme Stout Otago/Southland
2011 Mark Robertson and Sylvester Riddell Auckland/Northland
2012 Christine Gibbons and Jenna Gibbons Waikato Bays
2013 Richard Solomon and Jonathan Westoby Auckland/Northland
2014 Kate Davies              John Patterson Top of the South
2015 John Kruiniger           Fiona Temple Canterbury
2016 Anthony Ker              Russell Dive Wellington
2017 Bruce Batchelor        Moss Wylie Otago/Southland
2018 Peter Newell              Martin Reid   Wellington
2019 Jo Simpson               Sam Simpson Waikato Bays
2020 Tony Quinlivan          Stuart Grant Canterbury


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