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World Bridge Tour Open On-line Teams

World Bridge Tour (see below) is the result of leading bridge players wishing to arrange international online tournaments while at the same time ensuring the integrity of those tournaments.

About World Bridge Tour

At the World Bridge Tour (WBT) we are passionate about growing and celebrating the game of bridge. Through the intensity of the game and thrilling tournaments we deliver excitement for both players and spectators.

Bridge is the finest card game in the world and the only mind game where humans still outperform computers. Every deal gives you an opportunity to experience problem solving, partnership building, social skills developing, psychology advancing and sheer enjoyment. Bridge is condensed life!

We strive to spread the many positive aspects of bridge and increase the popularity of the game. Hopefully this can lead to more attention and media coverage, like chess, poker and e-sports have achieved. WBT has established contacts with national broadcasters with a common goal to have WBT tournaments on-air in 2021.

WBT’s ambition is to be an arena for all competitive bridge players. Through our prime events and Challengers Cup we offer tournaments for a wide range of players; amateurs are as welcome as professionals.


Their usual times make it difficult for Australians and Kiwis to participate as they try and make it European/USA inclusive. However to change this, they have organised a more Australasian friendly tournament as follows.

If all the players in the team are WBT members, you can register the team directly ( WBT need to know the E-mail players use for their WBT membership, though) where all the WBT events are listed:




A good alternative is to send an E-mail to info@worldbridgetour.org where you list the players and their BBO names.


You can be up to 10 players in a team.


This is the first WBT tournament with starting times which should fit players from Australia and New Zealand.


Competition name

WBT Open Teams May

Game time New Zealand Times

09:00 and 011:30 daily

Date (NZ Dates)

May 4th - May 8th 2021

Tournament fee

€340 per team




8 rounds x 16 boards


Knock out: Semi-final 20 boards, final 20 boards




World Bridge Holding

Tournament directors

Kuba Kasprzak & Aleksander Krych

Additional info

Minimum 10 teams


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